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Smokeless Fuels / Areas

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Can I burn wood in a Smoke Control Area?

You can only burn wood in a Smoke Control Area if you are using an exempted appliance which has been tested and approved by DEFRA.

Do I live in a 'Smokeless' zone?

Many people live in areas covered by the Clean Air Act, particularly in towns and cities. In such places it is an offence to emit dark smoke from a chimney and therefore you should use only an authorised smokeless fuel.

Wood is not an authorised fuel for use in Smoke Control Areas, however you may burn wood on an exempted appliance which has been tested and approved by DEFRA.

Details of approved fuels and exempt appliances can be provided by The Solid Fuel Association or log on to

What is smokeless fuel?

Most smokeless fuels are manufactured and come in the form of ovoids. We also sell a naturally smokeless fuel in the form of Anthracite. Smokeless fuels emit less than 5 grams of smoke per hour when they are burnt.

Why should I burn smokeless fuels?

If you live in a smokeless zone you have to burn smokeless fuels by law. There are advantages as they emit much less smoke and carbon dioxide compared to housecoals. The main disadvantage is that they are more expensive.

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