Kiln Dried Logs and Heat Logs

Wood burners, wood boilers and biomass heating systems are increasingly popular as homeowners and businesses realise the many benefits of working with natural firewood and other wood fuels. Improvements in building insulation efficiency ensure the heat generated from even small stoves goes a long way, and stove technology has improved markedly, with high tech models on the market that direct far more heat energy into the room (or even power entire central heating systems).

Many wood burning stove owners achieve a certain level of self-sufficiency, but for convenience and reliability of fuel supply we provide a regular delivery of ready processed fuel for many customers throughout the UK. Logs and biomass fuels provided by Dawsons Fuels are guaranteed high quality, including kiln dried logs and compact heat logs. All of our logs are Woodsure Ready to Burn giving you assurance that the logs your are buying are dry and ready to use.

Remember, different firewood types are suitable for different stove types and situations. Kiln dried logs, with less than 20% moisture, are a popular choice of firewood or easy lighting and rapid heating. A combination is sometimes most effective.

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