The benefits of heat logs

Heat logs, or as they are also called, briquettes, are taking off in a big way and it looks like we aren't the only ones who see them as a great alternative to traditional logs. Heat logs are commonly used in other European countries, but popularity is growing here in the UK. We have seen the trend growing and also use them regularly on our own Multi Fuel Stove.

Although a neatly stacked pile or basket of beautifully cut Kiln Dried Logs has a certain appeal on the fireside. Burning Heat logs alongside your traditional logs and Approved Fuels is fast becoming a popular choice for owners of Multi Fuel Stoves and Log Burners. When you consider that for each equivalent pound spent on Kiln Dried logs, heat logs give out 40% - 50% more heat you might want to give them a try next time you stock up on fuel. Heat logs can also be used sparingly on an open fire. Unlike a stove the airflow in an open fire is not as easily controlled which may cause the briquette to burn very hot very quickly.

Heat logs light easily and burn very well they are also easy to handle. They burn hotter and are often cheaper than logs. They are even easy to store so long as they are kept dry. Not forgetting the environmental plus that they are made from waste wood products.

Here at Dawsons Fuels we are proud to be stockists of two different types of Heat logs they are: HOTMAX Fuel Logs and BLAZERS Heat Logs. We have tried many different types, but these are the ones that we feel offer the best quality.



We like the easy to handle size and shape of these powerful heat logs. Great for using on all sizes of wood burning or multi fuel stoves and open fires. With an average moisture content of only 7% and ash content of as little as 3% these heat logs typically give out 4.7MWh/kg (17MJ/kg) of heat energy. Although small don’t be tempted to put too many on the fire, they will burn very hot.

The bonus of these heat logs is that they can also be used on your BBQ, chiminea or camping stove making them ideal for burning all year round for every occasion. HOTMAX Heat Logs are very easy to light and give out high levels of heat quickly. They are made in Britain at 3 production sites. All the timber is sourced from sustainably managed UK forestry. The heat logs themselves are made from the recycled softwood dust and particles with no additives.

HOTMAX are availble in deliveries of 50 x 20kg bags or 25 x 20kg bags. If you would like a different quantity, feel free to give us a call or send an email and we will get back to you with a price. 

 Hotmax Heat Logs from Dawsons Fuels Heatmax Logs




Blazers are a larger briquette in a cylindrical shape with an air flow hole through the centre. Blazers Heat Logs are BSL approved so they are suitable for burning on some biomass boilers and you can still claim your RHI. Making them very environmentally friendly. 

These logs can be made into shorter lengths, however this can be tough to achieve because they are very dense. It is possible to split them while still in the bag by using a hammer, or by dropping the bag outside onto a hard surface. They will eventually crack and split into smaller rounds for smaller stoves or to help ignite the fire.

They do expand when burning so a single log will be sufficient on the stove although they can be used alongside other stove fuels. Packaged in bags of 5 heat logs per pack these logs are easy to store and handle. A whole log burning on a stove can easily last 2 hours and with a heat output of 5.5 kwh they are a tightly packed bundle of energy.

Hotmax Heat Logs from Dawsons Fuels
Blazers Heat Logs from Dawsons Fuels

Blazers are availble in deliveries of 98 x 10kg bags or 50 x 10kg bags. If you would like a different quantity, feel free to give us a call or send an email and we will get back to you with a price.



Next time you stock up on fuels for the fire you might want to consider the benefits of these powerful cost effective neat products and give them a go. If you do try them for the first time we would be very interested to hear back from you as to how well they compared to your usual products. We enjoy seeing your pictures too, why not send us a fireside selfie? Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates, offers, competitions and more.

Keep warm this winter with Dawsons Fuels!


Sunday 22nd of November 2015

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