About Dawsons Fuels

W Dawson and Son (Dawsons Fuels) Ltd are an independent family run business based in Sedbergh, Cumbria, UK. The business was established in 1895 by William Dawson and is now run by two brothers, five generations later.  We specialise in the sale of coal, smokeless fuels and biomass products as well as other outdoor supplies including compost and bark.


As an independent business it allows us the freedom to locate and purchase products from a wide range of producers and suppliers. Add this to the high volumes in which we purchase our products and this enables us to sell them to customers at very competitive prices.

Diversification over the years has led to the direct supply of our products across the UK.  At Dawsons Fuels we are fully committed to managing our impact on the environment. We always try to ensure that we only supply high quality fuels of varying types, suitable for our customers’ needs. 



As a Diploma Approved Coal Merchant we ensure that: -

  • all of our fuels are screened to ensure it's as clean as possible. 
  • we supply good quality coal and Smokeless Fuels which are correctly described.
  • all fuels are weighed correctly and accurately - all of our weighing machinery is regularly serviced and inspected by trading standards. 
  • the weight of all bags are clearly marked - solid fuels must be weighed exactly. 
  • we supply suitable fuels for a wide variety of appliances.
  • all pre-packed fuels are marked with as much information as possible for the customer.
  • we investigate any customer complaints promptly.
  • we offer a high level of customer service.

We are also Approved Wood Fuel Merchants. Our customers buying firewood from us can have the confidence that the wood fuel is correctly described and that we will be able to provide advice on the safe and efficient use of a wood burning appliance. We are one of the few wood suppliers who will accurately tell our customers just what quantity of wood they will be getting.

Below are pictures of the 5 generations of the family that have run the business. From left to right William Dawson, John Dawson, Jack Dawson, Michael Dawson, Martyn and Peter Dawson.




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