Smokeless & Stove Fuels

Choosing the right fuel for your stove, wood burner, multifuel burner or open fire will ensure you achieve the most efficient heating results. Stove fuels burn more consistently than natural coal in a low oxygen environment, but still require a stove with a grate to allow some airflow. Burners for wood only, on the other hand, may just have an ash bed firebox.

Our comprehensive range of types, shapes and sizes of stove fuel ensures you’ll be able to find something to suit your stove capacity. Choose from our range of multi-fuel ovoids, stovenuts and beans, or the revolutionary Ecoal50, the first coal in the world to be produced from 50% renewable materials.

Don’t forget to check whether you are in a designated “smoke free zone” (usually urban areas), as this may affect the type of fuel you are allowed to burn on some stoves - alternatively, check whether your stove is a DEFRA approved Smoke-Controlled Stove which are exempt. Smokeless fuels can also be more pleasant to work with on an open fire than traditional coal, and if you have a fireplace that is susceptible to draughts then they may help reduce the spread of soot.

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