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What Is a Fuel Stove?

March 8, 2021

What Is a Fuel Stove?

Since the 19th century, multi-fuel stoves have been a hugely popular means of heating houses and also cooking. They are referred to as “multi-fuel” due to their versatile capacity to burn wood, wood pellets, peat and of course coal. 

Generally, multi-fuel stoves will have a grate for the fire to burn on and a removable ash pan. You can also get stoves which burn fire simply on a bed of ash and cannot be used for peat or coal, however, these are considered as fuel-only stove appliances.

Now you’ve got a rough understanding of what a fuel stove is, keep reading to discover how and why you can start benefiting from their multifaceted uses today.


What Fuel Should I Put in My Stove?

This is the most common question asked by those who have recently invested in a multi-fuel stove. When it comes to fuel, there is no one size fits all approach. Instead, it will depend highly on your personal preference and desired result as to which fuel is going to be best for you. 

It is worth asking yourself the following questions before looking into the options available:

  • Do you want a smokeless or non-smokeless product? (e.g. one that does or does not give off a substantial amount of CO₂)

  • How important is heat output to you?

  • Does the fuel product need to be HETAS approved?

  • Would you prefer a long or short burn time?

  • How important is the aesthetic quality and light output of the flame?

  • Do you mind if residue or ash is left over?

The Choices of Fuel Available

We are often asked: “Which of the stove fuels is best for my multi-fuel stove or other heating appliances?” 

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer as different products are designed to give different burning properties. Below is our guide to some of the best fuels that we sell.

Homefire: The Gold Standard

Our specialists at Dawsons Fuels vouch for Homefire premium fuel as being one of, if not the best, stove fuels on the market:

  • This UK premium smokeless fuel is highly versatile as it can be used for both open fires as well as multi-fuel stoves 

  • You are making an environmentally conscious choice when purchasing homefire fuel, which is renowned for emitting 25% less CO₂ and 80% less overall smoke than traditional house coal

  • This is a highly efficient option due to having a burn time of up to 40% longer than traditional house coal

  • It is one of the more expensive fuels available, but this is offset by the longer burn times and greater heat output overall.

  • The fuel will have been screened to remove slack, meaning less mess for you to worry about

  • This smokeless fuel is suitable for use in smoke controlled areas and is HETAS approved

Homefire Ovals: The Competitive Younger Brother

Whilst it may be somewhat in the shadow of standard homefire, Homefire Ovals are still a great alternative smokeless stove fuel product:

  • High quality smokeless fuel briquette 

  • Can be effectively used on both multi-fuel stoves and open fires

  • The burn duration is far longer than it is for traditional coal

  • This product brings the added convenience of being able to be left overnight on multi-fuel stoves 

  • No residue is produced as the product burns through completely leaving no waste, just some ash 

  • Like standard homefire stove fuel, Homefire Ovals also produce 80% less smoke when compared to traditional house coal and 25% less CO₂

  • An added benefit over traditional coal is that avoids always produce a consistent burn, alongside the same high quality heat output

  • The hard material quality means that no slack is produced as they do not weather or degrade

Multi-Fuel Ovoids: Smoking the Competition

For those looking for a non-smokeless stove fuel solution, our premium multi-fuel ovoids may be the product for you:

  • To be used on multi-fuel stove 

  • This huge seller can only be used in non-smokeless areas

  • Produced in the same way as our other stove fuels in that they are heat cured

  • Have a high quality and harder finish, producing a distinct and alluring flame

  • The fuel has been screened to remove slack

  • The coal’s material quality makes them far less likely to degrade, meaning the fuel burns away completely leaving minimal waste

  • The heat output is still of a very high quality like smokeless alternatives

  • Ultimately, because this product is smokeless and HETAS approved, they are much cheaper

  • Unlike other economy ovoids on the market, the sulphur content of these Multi-Fuel Ovoids is far less which means that they are not as harmful to the environment or your appliance

Phurnacite: A Vintage Choice

This clean-burning grade of coal has been used in fuel stoves for decades. The notable qualities of Phurnacite include:

  • This product can be used in multi-fuel stoves as well as Rayburns, Agas and other cookers

  • The individual ovoids are hard and smaller than most other types of fuel available

  • Because of its small and hard quality, this product will burn very quickly in stoves

  • Brings the benefit of being smokeless and also HETAS approved

  • Whilst it can be used in multi-fuel stoves, our specialists recommend it as being better placed for burning in closed appliances (e.g. Rayburns and cookers) 

These are some of the highest-rated products available at Dawson Fuels for multi-stove use, however, this is merely the tip of the iceberg. 

There are more fuel stove solutions available for those who require a specialist function from their product. For example, our Welsh Anthracite Stovenuts are a great option for those who want a naturally occurring smokeless fuel for a variety of cooking appliances. 

Discover our wide range of premium stove fuel products today.

The First and Final Fuel Solution that you need

Regardless of whether you’re opting for standard homefire, ovals, phurnacite or one of the wide range of other products available, we have the solution that you’re looking for. 

Dawson Fuels have established ourselves as a market leader in traditional and modern combustible fuels to homes and businesses all across the country. Free standard delivery is also available throughout the UK.

If you would like more information about how we could help you get the most out of your fuel or have any further enquiries then please get in contact today.


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