Dawsons Fuels supply house coal to private residences and businesses throughout the UK. Traditional house coal is more suited for open fires and creates a long lasting, powerful bed of glowing heat and smaller flames. Hardwood or kiln dried logs can be added for larger dancing flames.

House coal is not processed like smokeless coal. It is a natural product extracted throughout the world, from the likes of South America to Eastern Russia. The quality of the coal varies significantly depending on, for example, bituminous coal from Colombia, Russia and Poland, although all known as 'house coall,' provides a somewhat different performance. Colombian coal is often considered to be today's best domestic house coal available.

One thing to consider is that house coal is not smokeless and it cannot be used in smoke controlled areas, this is with the exception of exempt appliances outlined by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

When you buy the right house coal for your needs, compared with many existing on the market today, it can make it the perfect fire. Whilst not in a smoke controlled area, premium house coal allows you to achieve a low ash, high heat output whilst giving you cost-effective results.

We stock various pallet sizes of coal types and grades, including high temperature, low ash Colombian coal, long burning British coal, and petroleum coke (slightly harder to establish but with a long burn time and an attractive flame). Most of our coal types are available as doubles or larger trebles – choose a smaller grade for easy fire establishment, or opt for larger coal if you want a long burning fuel.

We strongly discourage burning house coal on a stove, even a multi-fuel burner, as coal releases voluminous smoke before lighting. This ascends an open fire chimney without trouble, but in an enclosed stove, the built up smoke can condense and ignite in a flash, damaging the inside of your stove and flue. Dawsons Fuels can supply a full range of specially designed fuels for stoves, so if you have any questions regarding these, please contact us via our telephone number 015396 20210 or send an email to 


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