Medium sized crate of kiln Dried Birch

Premium Kiln Dried Birch Logs - Long-Lasting Heat & Easy Lighting

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Medium sized crate of kiln Dried Birch
Medium sized crate of kiln Dried Birch
Medium sized crate of kiln Dried Birch
Medium sized crate of kiln Dried Birch
Medium sized crate of kiln Dried Birch

Experience the warmth and crackle of a real fire with our premium kiln dried birch logs. These logs boast a low moisture content (below 20%), ensuring a clean, hot burn that produces up to 30% more heat than seasoned firewood. They light easily, minimising kindling needs, and leave minimal residue, keeping your fireplace or wood burner cleaner for longer.

Our Woodsure Ready to Burn kiln dried Birch logs have a moisture content of 20% or less. These logs have been hand stacked into wooden crates, leaving very few air gaps and therefore giving you more wood than you would get within a bag or tote bag. We estimate that one of these crates is equivalent to 1.57 cubic metres of loose filled wood, or around the equivalent of at least 2.36 standard tote bags.

The kiln dried crates contain only Birch logs. No mixing has taken place with other hardwoods. Birch is one of the best hardwoods available for firewood. It lights easily and it produces great amounts of heat. 

The main advantage of kiln dried logs is that they are ready to burn at any time of year. They don't need to be stored before they can be used. Kiln Dried Logs burn hotter and for longer than any other wood rival. By thoroughly drying through a purpose built kiln this wood achieves very low moisture content which in turn produces a higher heat for a longer time. The result for you is a stunning wood fuel which gives you great value for money through higher levels of efficiency. 

Prior to being dispatched the crate has a shower-proof cover placed over the top of the crate and is then shrink wrapped to prevent the logs from getting wet.

  • 100% Kiln Dried EU Birch
  • Consistent size - each log is around 25cm in length
  • Moisture content less than 20%.
  • Great value due to the logs being hand stacked - no air gaps
  • The crate measures 120cm high x 118cm wide x 85cm deep = 1.20 cubic metre crate
  • Packed volume of wood is 0.95m3: Loose volume equivalent of 1.57m
  • Equivalent to 2.74 tote bags of logs

Suitable for:

  • Multi Fuel Stove
  • Woodburning Stove

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Medium sized crate of kiln Dried Birch reviews


Good quality product as always.
- 16/02/2024


Really good amount of logs and well cut and dried.
- 05/02/2024


Nice dried logs. The first one I tested was about 23% on my moisture meter and I was a little worried, but I tested a few more and they were all 13-17% which is much better
- 29/12/2023


Delivered as it says in the website.
- 15/10/2023


The logs are crated and sealed from the weather so burn perfect with little smoke. Its a perfect solution. Just order and its on a small pallet that can be chopped for kindling.
- 10/10/2023


My logs were delivered as per the requested date. Great job.
- 09/10/2023


I have populated the previous box with the reason I gave them 5 stars.
- 27/08/2023


Good quality wood and well packed
- 26/08/2023

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